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Drivers of Change & Areas of Impact

Drivers of Change

The Drivers of Change encompass technological, economic, regulatory, security and network related challenges for the future Internet.  In all cases, the implications of one Driver are inextricably tied to another – for example, we fully expect the Role of Governments in the Internet to grow in large part due to the rise of Cyber Threats.

Each of the Drivers of Change is presented in the following format:

  1. Introduction of the Driver and key takeaways
  2. Vignettes, or stories that illustrate ways in which each Driver could shape the Internet in the future
  3. Two or three issues areas that demonstrate the impact of the Drivers on each other and the Areas of Impact

The Drivers of Change are:

Areas of Impact

Throughout the project, our community has reaffirmed the importance of three issue areas that are crucial for the future Internet: Digital Divides; Personal Freedoms and Rights; and Media and Society. These Areas of Impact reflect the Internet Society’s fundamental belief that the interests of the user and society must remain at the forefront of any discussion on the future of the Internet.  Each Driver of Change has implications for one or more of these Areas of Impact.

Each of the Areas of Impact is presented in the following format:

  1. Introduction of the Area of Impact and key takeaways
  2. Vignettes that illustrate the ways in which the Area of Impact could evolve in the future
  3. A visual overview of how the Drivers of Change will affect the Area of Impact in question, followed by a more detailed overview of the related challenges and opportunities

The Areas of Impact are: