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The 2017 Global Internet Report reflects comments and insights from across the Internet Society community and well beyond, including global and regional partners, Internet pioneers and experts around the world. We appreciate the extensive contributions of our Board of Trustees, Chapters, Organisation Members, members and staff who shared important perspectives for this report.

We would like to thank Kathy Brown, Sally Wentworth, James Wood, Olaf Kolkman and Raúl Echeberría for their leadership and support. A team of staff members, led by Sally Wentworth, dedicated more than 18 months to collecting data, organising and refining the findings and writing the final report. Special thanks to James Wood, Carl Gahnberg, Mark Buell, Constance Bommelaer, Wende Cover, Ryan Polk, Greyson Nevins-Archer and Nicole Carolin for their commitment to this initiative.

Matthew Shears, consultant for the Internet Society, served as the lead writer on the report, and we greatly appreciate his extensive work to bring this report to completion. Special thanks to Karen Rose who initiated and was a guiding force for this project through 2016, and to Heidrick & Struggles for their support in the data collection and analysis.

Thank you to our staff subject matter experts for their invaluable comments and suggestions: Robin Wilton, Raquel Gatto, Steve Olshansky, Sebastian Bellagamba, Christine Runnegar, Nicolas Seidler, Andrei Robachevsky, Rajnesh D. Singh, Dawit Bekele, Jane Coffin, Joyce Dogniez, Elizabeth Oluoch, Mat Ford, Salam Yamout, Frédéric Donck, Jairus Pryor, Naveed Haq, Konstantinos Komaitis and Niel Harper.

We would also like to thank the Internet Society IT and communications teams for their support in creating the online and print versions of the report, as well as promotion, media outreach and many other activities to launch the report. Thank you to Adnan Nawaz for his excellent work on the video production, Yoko Co as our web design partner, Rachel Ingram and Grant Gross for their editing, and Maria Farrell as the creator of the fictional vignettes and editing work.