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Foreword by Kathy Brown, President and CEO, Internet Society

The Internet Society’s history is inseparably tied to the history of the Internet itself. We were founded in 1992 by Internet pioneers Bob Kahn and Vint Cerf, along with numerous other visionary individuals and organisations. These early Internet luminaries believed that ‘a society would emerge from the idea that is the Internet’. And they were right. The Internet has come a long way since its inception, and is now part of our social fabric – essential to how we connect, communicate, create and collaborate.

2017 marks a significant milestone for the Internet Society. This year we celebrate 25 years of advocacy for a global, open, secure Internet that benefits all people throughout the world.

It also presents an opportunity to take a look back at our roots and, most importantly, to look ahead to the future. This is an ideal moment in time to reflect on the Internet’s meteoric rise and to imagine its future direction. As the Internet ecosystem becomes increasingly complex, so too do the challenges it faces. We know it will continue to evolve, but how?

The Internet Society’s fourth annual Global Internet Report – Paths to Our Digital Future – explores this important question. This comprehensive report brings together insights from across our diverse global community to inspire all who engage with the Internet to think differently and to prepare for the opportunities and challenges on the horizon.

No one knows exactly how the Internet will evolve, but we do know it will require new thinking, new approaches and new tools for this rapidly changing world around us.

At the Internet Society we are committed to shaping the Internet’s future for the next generation. Join us ─ #thenext25, #shapetomorrow.