The 2019 Global Internet Report reflects comments and insights from across the Internet Society community and well beyond, including global and regional partners, Internet pioneers, and experts around the world. We appreciate the extensive contributions of Chapters, Organisation Members, individual members, and staff who shared important perspectives for this report.

The report was developed by a small team led by Constance Bommelaer de Leusse and Carl Gahnberg, following the strategic guidance of Andrew Sullivan, Sally Wentworth, Olaf Kolkman, and James Wood. Matthew Shears and Anri van der Spuy, consultants for the Internet Society, served as core members of the team, providing expertise and vision, and serving as lead writers together with Maria Farrell. We greatly appreciate their extensive work and contribution to this project. Special thanks to April Froncek and Mat Ford for their commitment, expertise, and invaluable guidance in bringing this project to completion, as well as to Mark Buell and Robin Wilton for their commitment to this initiative.

We also thank DiploFoundation for their support in data collection and analysis, and our four regional partners for organizing roundtables and producing reports: The Centre for Internet and Society; Research ICT Africa’s Digital Policy Project; Diálogo Regional sobre la Sociedad de la Información (DIRSi); and Fundação Getulio Vargas (FGV).

Thanks to our staff subject matter experts for their invaluable comments and suggestions: Steve Olshansky, Ryan Polk, Jane Coffin, Konstantinos Komaitis, Christine Runnegar, Raquel Gatto, Verengai Mabika, Shernon Osepa, Karen O’Donoghue, Dan York, and Ceren Unal. We would also like to thank the Internet Society’s community engagement team for facilitating dialogues and other outreach with our global membership, and our IT and communications teams for their support in creating the online and print versions of the report, as well as promotion, media outreach, and many other activities for its launch. Thank you to our web design partner Yoko Co., editor Allison Cross, and writer Maria Farrell. Finally, thank you to those who participated and shared their insights in the Future Thinking interview series.